All might fan art

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While some people abuse their quirks and become villains, there are also many heroes ready to save the day. Chief among them is Japan's top hero, the one and only All Might. He is the Symbol of Peace, but he hides a dark secret: a serious injury, courtesy of All For One, is sapping away his strength, and his time runs short. In the meantime, All Might has a little fight left in him, and the fans absolutely love it. So, here are ten excellent pieces of fan art starring the Symbol of Peace! A post shared by yahaha!

All might ideas | boku no hero academia, my hero, my hero academia

My Hero Academia is one of the biggest anime series out there right now, and should be able to maintain that popularity as the years go on. The show has a massive cast of characters, and manages to give them all their fair share of screen-time and development. And the one who set all of that off is his mentor; All Might. Here are some amazing pieces of All Might fan art that make us love him even more.

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