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My first wife had been a good mother, God bless her, but making love to her was like doing a dead fish — the same look in the eyes, a similar gaping, bored expression and the zombie jerking robotic movements to our juice-less lovemaking. How we managed to beget children is still a mystery to me. I had been her first and only lover and to begin with it had been fun. Eventually things had settled into a comfortable routine but after fifteen seven years of married life, marital sex was something that even I undertook with reluctance. Like food, if you leave it too long it goes stale, I guess. After several years of this dead end marriage, I decided to fly off to Bangkok, looking for new scenery.

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A young Asian wife makes poor decisions and gets a gangbang

She was way too freaked out to try oral or sex toys of any kind, although she was happy to use her mouth for him. They had already been married for almost a year and yet had only had sex a few times. Alcohol changed everything, though. That was fair enough, she supposed. She looked down at herself one more time before ringing the doorbell of the huge house they now stood in front of.
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