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Even more glorious is that many audio erotica apps and platforms are helmed by women who keep pleasure and sexual well-being at the crux of their mission to make content by creators of all backgrounds and identities inclusive and accessible. And, to be frank, the sexy voices featured certainly help. So to get you started on navigating the world of audio erotica apps and platforms, check out the following suggestions that will make you want to press play immediately. Dispea is an erotic storytelling platform that lets people pick their pleasure.

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19 Best Erotic Podcasts That Offer Sexy Stories

Let's talk about sex, ba-by! Or, rather, let's listen to other people talk about sex—and with an erotic podcast for every taste, you've got a world of options to choose from. That said, while the quantity is there, quality gems can be a bit harder to find: For every excellent source of erotic short stories , there's at least five that feature nasal-breathy narrators with voices so unrealistic it can take you out of the experience. Here, we've found some of the best erotica and audio porn to enjoy while you play with your best vibrator , perhaps? Because variety's the spice of life, also on the list are programs that offer kinky conversations, brave and funny confessions, and sage relationship advice from the likes of Dan Savage. Put your headphones on, get comfortable, and check out 18 of the best erotic podcasts about sex and sexuality. Ever wish you could skip to the hottest parts of an erotic novel or audiobook?

7 Inclusive Audio Erotica Apps and Platforms That Promise To Be a Pleasureful Listen

Log in Register. Best Erotic Audio Podcasts. Add Filters. Monstica is an LGBT anthology monster erotica fiction podcast.
Porn is a huge part of a lot of people's sex lives, and there's so much of it out there it's hard to know where to look for something that's genuinely good, and ethical , and sexy. So if you fancy a change from your usual go-to, or if visual porn just isn't for you, there are a whole host of audio porn and erotic audio sites and apps making their way onto the internet for you to check out. As sexual wellness has become a huge thing, people are leaning towards more private and intimate erotica, and there's nothing more stirring for the imagination and loins tbh than a sexy story you can get lost in. It may be erotic conversations between characters, too.