Darling in the frankxx episode 11

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This episode of Darling in the Franxx continues the string of character episodes we have been enjoying. As the title of the episode might imply, some of the pilot pairs have switched around. Kokoro has partnered up with Mitsuru, and Ikuno and Futoshi have been stuck together by default. This episode focuses mostly on the relationship between Mitsuru and Kokoro, while their partners will hopefully get a little more development in an upcoming episode. The episode opens with Mitsuru having a flashback dream about Hiro. While his younger self smiles and claps along with the other children, present-day Mitsuru rails against Hiro.

Episode 11

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During a battle with a Klaxosaur , Mitsuru gets affected by "child fever", putting Chlorophytum out of commission. Though the fever is temporary, the sync rate of Mitsuru and Ikuno declines to such an extent that battling Klaxosaurs will become difficult. In fear that the combat of the entire unit might be affected by this, Nana presents the parasites the option of swapping their partners. Smiling, Hiro tells a group of children that he's been chosen to represent them. They stare back in admiration. Mitsuru tells his younger self to stop looking at him with admiration. He shouts that he's a traitor, causing him to wake up from the dream.

Partner Shuffle

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