Elizabeth the seven deadly sins

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In an effort to save her kingdom, she ventured out to find Meliodas and the rest of the Sins, all the while learning more about her own identity. Fans of the anime now know that she's actually a Goddess who was Meliodas' lover and punished with him following the first Holy War. This means that Elizabeth's appearance, voice, personality, and even name have all been predetermined, based on the Goddess that she originally was, making it easier for Meliodas to identify her whenever they crossed paths. This is why, for the majority of the series, she remained a helpless damsel in distress, and often tapped into her powers whenever her emotions were inflated.


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Likewise superficially, and frequently in ironic or contradictory ways, the series references various traditions, including Christianity e. In accordance with the medieval theme, many of The Seven Deadly Sins are depicted as knights, broadly construed, who are clad in stylized variations of medieval armor , many of whom perform magic. The five major clans in the series are Humans , Giants , Fairies , Goddess , and Demons , all of which possess powerful abilities and magical powers. In naming the characters, the manga offers a wide variety of further mythical, historical, geographical, and cultural allusions, e. Despite his adolescent appearance, Meliodas is actually a demon who is over three thousand years old. Meliodas is later revealed to be the son of the Demon King and original leader of the Ten Commandants, possessing the fragment of his father's soul embodying Love.

Elizabeth seven deadly sins

Farewell everyone I shall not look back. This is my resolve. I do not regret a single thing up until now. That is why I will continue facing forward, together with Meliodas.
She also is the original incarnation of Elizabeth Liones , as well as Meliodas ' lover 3, years ago. Elizabeth looks identical to Elizabeth Liones, except for a shorter fringe and with two pairs of wings on her back, the second pair smaller than the first. Her eyes are blue but manifest the symbol of a triskele in both her eyes whenever she uses her powers. Elizabeth often wears a dark maroon tie over a white collared sleeveless dress that exposes her back, along with black leggings removed in the anime and cloth shoes adorned with a ribbon.