F her right in the p guy

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The very popular phrase started January 4th by John Cain when he uploaded a video of a news reporter saying that he would fuck a missing Northern Kentucky 20 year old woman if she was ever found. The video quickly went viral and had over 1 million views by the next day. The video was featured on RWJ where it was debunked as a fake video. See that video here. See it on RWJ. Fred, the guy known as "the fuck her right in the pussy guy" was featured in a video on the 13th of Febuary when he ran up to a news reporter and yeld the phrase on LIVE TV after grabbing the reporters mic and catching her by surprise.

Fuck Her Right in the Pussy / FHRITP

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Here's Why Two Different People Now Have Said "F#@k Her Right In The P#$&y" On Live TV

The videos portrayed fictitious bloopers from television newscasts that involved the phrase; the original video focused on a news reporter using the phrase whilst unaware he was on the air, followed by videos portraying alleged videobombing incidents involving the eponymous phrase on multiple Cincinnati television stations by a character named "Fred". The phrase and its associated videos quickly became an Internet meme , and inspired real-life videobombing incidents. John Cain, who created the videos, acknowledged that he had been able to profit off them through the sales of official merchandise carrying the phrase. Media attention to the phrase grew in May , where videobombing incidents surrounding the phrase on newscasts in Toronto and Calgary resulting in the temporary firing of a highly-paid employee of a utility company, and a stunt driving charge respectively [1] spurred discussion over whether use of the phrase constituted sexual harassment and public humiliation of women.
The stunt was eventually debunked as a viral hoax campaign orchestrated by filmmaker John Cain after a third video purported as a newscast blooper was posted to Reddit in May On January 4th, , Cincinnati-based filmmaker John Cain uploaded a video titled "Reporter fired for remarks about missing woman on LIVE TV" which shows a reporter for a FOX-affiliated local news station making inappropriate remarks on camera, including the line "I'll fuck her right in the pussy. As of late May , the video has garnered nearly 2 million views.