Fallout 4 mod curie

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After some knowing one key information,some try-and-error and a convenient mod as an resource, the following procedure fixed my problem, and might fix yours, too:D The fix: First, back up the save file files. The key information I overheard on the internet about what could cause Curie turning invisible, was that it could be derived from altering Curies appearance no matter from the slm command or by replacing manually Curies files. So I made an educated guess, that maybe somehow I swap Curies face file file back, everything will work again. Then, I search for the desired vanilla Curies face file, and found the Vanilla Companions for Extra Companions ESP mod, and by the help of another modding tool face ripper, I used the face ripper mod to extract Curies appearance data from the Curie. Double click on FO4FaceRipper, the first drop down menu is for the source file, so browse and select the Curie. The FaceRipper program will create a new save with the face file injected, and that is the fixed file.

Blondie Curie

Romancing Curie is manipulative and wrong : Fallout

Fallout 4 Mods 23 Dec, Just a simple re-do of Curie based off of a character I used to have. Prerequisites:In order to have the platinum blonde hair AND the dark eyebrows, you will need to download and install this mod by Ubercharge. Thanks Ubercharge! Installation: Just install with Nexus Mod Manager or.


Step 4 Stop the NPC animations. Any mod or exploit to get a body for Curie early? Fallout 4. I know myself and a few others would like to increase our collection of pictures of her. Step 2 Spawn in a Curie clone.
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