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My attitude had changed after that night. The night my father stripped me of my virginity, and I became his personal fuck toy. My attitude had changed drastically. My name is Heather.

Just Fuck Me Dad

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I was very young and knew more about sex than most other girls my age I was gossip with my friends and tell them how I play with myself using a hair brush handle as if it was a penis, my friends was always so intrigued I also had a lot of friends that were boys, mid week Sam who was 2 years older than me and one of the hottest boys in school asked me to his party he knew what I got up to at home but I never really bothered and went to the party. They were lots of alcohol I drank and danced the night away it was amazing, but Sam soon started getting flirty and dragged me upstairs to his room, he passed me his moms hair brush and told me to fuck it, he had his phone in one hand and one hand down his pants, the thought of him touching his penis got me so wet I fucked the hairbrush like never before watching him bring his cock out stroking it. He was as hard as a rock and told me to get rid of the hairbrush and said it was his turn I was so excited again he had his phone in one hand and he began placing the tip of his 6'' penis near the opening of my pussy I was so wet we began fucking all night I even fell asleep with his hard penis inside of me. The next day I pretend nothing had happened got dressed and headed home for a shower, little did I know Sam had the video of everything that we did and posted it all over the internet I was on every social media that you could think off, this would upset most girls but not me I grabbed my hair brush and played with my pussy while watching the video I was so wet I couldn't bare not to fuck my brush hard.

Daddy fucks me to teach me a lesson

He died last June in a car crash. My mother was at the wheel and it was because of her that they were both killed. Mom was a real bitch. You know the type, always right and always critical of other people and very demanding and vindictive.
Jen's Story by Jenny C. It truly blows my mind every time I think about it. I can't believe I had the nerve to go through with it.