How to masturbate on your period

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Taboos surrounding women's health can be stubborn, especially when it comes to masturbation. Throw periods into the mix, and we become even more button-lipped. But there is no reason to feel ashamed about anything to do with your body. Both masturbation and periods are completely normal, and even go hand-in-hand. We speak to Mia Sabat, Sex Therapist at Emjoy , the sexual wellbeing audio app for women, about the evidence-based health benefits of masturbating on your period.

Masturbating during your period

6 Reasons to Masturbate on Your Period, Tips and Techniques, More

Learn more. Mix that with being on your period, and the outcome is even better! Those things are magical. While being on your period can sometimes feel like a drag, there are so many ways to alleviate your cramps without taking painkillers. Just masturbate! Crazy right? This increase in blood flow can ease your menstrual cramps and get rid of that throbbing headache.

Period Symptoms? Why Masturbating Could Be the Cure-All You Need

Ah masturbation. Your self-love sesh. But is it OK and safe to masturbate on your period? Yeah, you sure as heck can masturbate on your period!
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