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I'm writing this piece the day it's due because a. I'm a comedian procrastination! I just got out of the hospital for appendicitis Happy ! I ended up in the ER after a doctor felt my stomach and told me to go to the hospital before my appendix burst. I was nervous, certain my appendix would rupture and that I'd die in the back of a New York taxi filled with intestinal poop toxins. Then I was called into triage by Dennis, a gay Filipino nurse, and felt completely at ease.

Should You Get Naked With Your Boss?

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The Florida Civil Rights Act also prohibits employment discrimination on the basis of sex. Having a cordial, amicable relationship with your boss is always preferable to having to work for a boss who is disagreeable and argumentative; however, the line between employer and employee should remain firmly drawn. As an employee, what can you do if your employer has crossed that line? For example, what if your boss is sending you naked pictures. What should you do? While this may seem like an extreme example, employees find themselves in similar situations far more often than most people realize.

Your Boss Is Sending You Naked Pictures. What Should You Do?

While exploring one of the legal forums I frequent, a person posted a question about an incident that occurred on a work trip with his boss:. I recently went on a business trip with my employer and many other employees, and I spent the night in a hotel room with my employer just me and him in this two-bed room. While I was laying in bed reading with the lights on, he walked out of the bathroom naked to get something from his suitcase. He knew I was in the hotel room before he stepped into the bathroom. I commented that I was uncomfortable seeing him naked, and he apologised and went back to the bathroom.
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