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Powers: She can manipulate weather and has a healing factor. Heroes and villains collided on Battleworld several times, with no clear victor. The divergence occurred when Mr Fantastic of the Fantastic Four perished in battle, thus removing the option for the heroes to return to their proper world. An entire suburb of Denver had been removed from Earth and added to Battleworld in its creation, and it was there were the heroes and villains established, some of them even marrying each other. Wolverine had a hard time getting used to a life of relative peace, but Ororo found it soothing, allowing herself to relax and be a mother to Kendall.

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Torrent is the daughter of Storm and Wolverine on Earth - an alternate reality where the heroes and villains assembled by the Beyonder Earth to fight in the conflict known as the Secret Wars never left Battleworld , the patchwork planet created by the Beyonder for them to fight on. A mutant, Kendall can manipulate the weather like her mother and, like her father, possesses a healing factor. After the heroes and villains called a truce, many of them settled down to raise families in a portion of the city of Denver that formed part of the planet. When their children were in their late teens, the son of Doctor Doom and Enchantress Earth , Vincent von Doom Earth , assembled a team of the villains' children and battled the children of the heroes, including Torrent, until their parents intervened. After the altercation, the heroes' children used a device created by the Hulk to travel back to Earth.