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Just thinking about the climate crisis is enough to kill the mood — like, hello eco-anxiety. And the harsh reality is, your favorite sex toy is probably not eco-friendly. So how do we help the earth as we get it on? For others, eco-friendly sex involves minimizing harm in production — harm to the environment and to the workers. Luckily, from sex toys to lubricants to condoms, more natural and sustainable options have appeared in recent years to help our planet stay green as we stay sexually satisfied.

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Lauren Singer is a zero-waste blogger based in New York City. Instead, she proudly displays it in a glass jar. Or are zero-wasters too busy for sex, what with all that recycling and making their own toothpaste? On the contrary, Singer tells me. She sold out fast. The item in question is called the Gaia Eco.

The 11 Best Eco-Friendly Sex Toys on Planet Earth

Earth Day is just around the corner, and in our effort to go green, we're not only reaching for reusable bags, but taking a long, hard look at our sex toy drawer. Hence, we scoured the interwebs for the coolest—and hottest—eco-friendly sex products out there. Check out these 11 finds that would totally turn on Mother Earth. Endorsed by eco-friendly advocate Alicia Silverstone, this phalate-free vibe not only uses rechargeable batteries, which are better for the Earth, it even ships to you in packaging made of recycled materials. Life Leaf Vibrator by Swan, , leafvibes.
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