Princess trainer pleasing the mother again

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Pleasing the Mother. This quest can become impossible to unlock if you don't get it started just right. In addition, it's not quite obvious where you should be going in order to trigger each part of the quest. Quest Pleasing the Mother. Gold needed: gold coins Step 1: Before completing the Lola's New Dress quest, make sure you complete the Room 4 1 More quest and have Iris living with you already. This will make sure this quest initiates properly.

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How to Please the Mother Again in 'Princess Trainer' ~ Let's Game

Home About Us Contact Us. It has been in development for multiple years and has gone through a variety of iterations. Some old scenes from the game, especially those with the character Lola, have been cut in favor of extra content being added while other areas of the game, such as those with Iris, have been expanded completely. After completing Food for the Poor, visit Balsam in the market and this quest will be available on his menu. After visiting Maslab's tavern a couple times an option to arm-wrestle with him will open up. This will get you the password you need to access the brothel at night. At night when you use the password at the brothel, Fat Lily will answer and give you the quest to get the Red Phoenix re-opened.

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In order to earn some gold, you are going to need the peasant robe to get Jasmine to clean the houses. Whatever you do, do not open the box! If Iris isn't there, come back another time - Continue till Iris wants to walk. Jasmine will need a Dancer's outfit for this quest. Jasmine will need a whores outfit for this quest.
Note-Some Quests require Jasmine to be with you while others require the opposite. Note-Need the waitress outfit -Go to the tavern in the day time and talk to Maslab about employing Jasmine as a waitress -At night go to the tavern with Jasmine -Bring Jasmine to the tavern the next morning -Keep bringing jasmine to the tavern during the day -Profit. The dream job -Talk to Iris after getting her dress -Be a gentleman -Agree to go with her to be a whore -Be a gentleman when your are asked how much you would pay for that ass -Turn around and don't peek like a gentleman -Lie about having permission -Ask her to be your personal whore -Or encourage her dreams like the father Maslab never was -Talk to a family member about getting her employed as a whore -Tell Iris later -Take her to Lilly again -Tell her she looks like a whore like a gentleman 7. Lola's new dress. Pleasing the mother -Run into a girl at Azalea's -Help girl up like a gentleman -Go to the brothel -Choose a blonde girl as your whore for the day -Get cock blocked by Lilly -Try to win Lilly's favor -Buy her something nice market -Buy her some thing delicious and pick it up at night tavern -Give said stuff to Lilly -Scratch your eyes out -Or cry yourself to sleep and be extremely mentally damaged -Buy something delicious to take Lola out 8.