Scandal in the family 1975

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Scandal in the Family

Scandal in the Family () -

Carlo, an industrialist, arrives at his villa in Piacenza to spend the holidays with his wife Piera and his daughter Francesca. Upon arrival, he discovers that the cook - the attractive Zaira, who as a young boy he used to watch having sex and under whose covers he used to crawl during - has been replaced by Doris, a young and busty widow who he has not seen since she was a child. Carlo immediately begins to court and seduce her. After a few days Milo arrives from the South, the son of Carlo's incapable brother.

The industrialist Carlo arrives at his villa in the Piacenza area to spend his holidays with his wife Piera and his daughter Francesca. They will soon be joined by their nephew Milo who will woo and seduce all the women of villa including the busty cook Doris lover of uncle Carlo. View More. We don't have any reviews for Scandal in the Family.
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