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Touching Base developed out of the need to assist people with disability and sex workers to connect with each other, focusing on access, discrimination, human rights and legal issues and the attitudinal barriers that these two marginalised communities can face. Information for people with disability or their carers on how to access the sex industry and the Touching Base Referral List is contained in the Clients section of this website. There are also links to order our unique resources for people with disability. Information for sex workers including training workshops, resources and information about disability is contained in the Sex Workers section of this website. We also offer training workshops tailored to disability service providers.

What is Sexual Assistance ?

‘Sexual assistance’: When Welfare State Becomes Pimp State

Have you ever hired a sex worker to help provide you with pleasure and an intimate experience? Did you hire a sex worker from a place that specializes in providing people with disabilities sexual pleasure? If not, was the sex worker knowledgeable about disability? Those of us with disabilities have sexual needs too and sometimes need help achieving that. It should be viewed as a human requirement as nonchalant as having someone assist you with brushing your teeth. Thanks for the post. Lot of people would not be comfortable bringing up this topic.

Having Assistance with Pleasure from a Sex Worker

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However, the disability movement across Europe claims the issue has not been sufficiently addressed by research, or only addressed within a medical frame, disregarding considerations of relations, identity, desires and pleasures. Simultaneously, in many contexts, such as Britain, a change in the attitudes of health care professionals has been specifically demanded that would allow access to more accurate and practical education as well as to realistic sexual options for PWD, including the elderly. This has exposed the problematic role that nurses, family and partners might be asked to play in supporting this access. In other contexts, such as Sweden, this possibility tends instead to be seen as furthering the stigmatization of PWD, promoting heteronormativity and gender inequality, and legitimizing prostitution.