Sex fatality

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Coronavirus disease COVID , a respiratory tract infection caused by severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 SARS-CoV-2 has become a global health emergency and a threat the entire world. Although the fatal outcomes of the COVID pandemic are evident in all age groups, the most devastating impact on the health consequences and death from COVID are associated with older adults, especially older men. In fact, several genes involved into the regulation of the immune system are strategically placed on the X-chromosome and trigger a gendered mediated antiviral fight. The aim of this study is to explore and exploit whether a relationship exists between male sex and COVID mortality and the relationship is age dependent.

Sex Differences in Case Fatality Rate of COVID-19: Insights From a Multinational Registry

Exploration of sex-specific and age-dependent COVID fatality rate in Bangladesh population

No large-scale epidemiologic study to investigate how sex and age affect fatal trauma risk from the same impact has been possible previously because large numbers of people are rarely subject to sufficiently similar major physical insults. This paper describes such a study, made possible by two recent developments: first, the availability of a large data file, the Fatal Accident Reporting System, which gives information on more than one third of a million people fatally injured in traffic crashes; second, a new technique, the double-pair comparison method, which, by focusing on vehicles containing two occupants, at least one of whom is killed, allows appropriate inferences to be made from such data. Fatality risk versus sex and age was determined for ten categories of vehicle occupants unbelted car drivers, helmeted motorcycle passengers, etc. Similar effects were found for different occupants, indicating that basic physiologic response not confined to traffic fatalities is being measured. At younger and older ages males are more at risk. For both sexes, fatality risk is least at age 20 years.

Risk of fatality from physical trauma versus sex and age

Objectives: To confirm whether a relationship exists between male sex and coronavirus disease COVID mortality and whether this relationship is age dependent. The main end point of the study was all-cause mortality. Men were older mean age,
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