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In correspondence with the Research Directorate, several sources reported that they are not aware of any research that has been done on the situation and treatment of sexual minorities within the Roma community in Slovakia CVEK 20 May ; HRL 15 May ; Former policy advisor 6 May and that there are no known Roma LGBT activists or scholars examining these issues ibid. In correspondence with the Research Directorate, a former policy advisor with the Bratislava-based NGO, the Roma Institute, which focuses on Roma inclusion and related public policies, stated that LGBT issues are still "marginal" within the "mainstream Slovak society, which is still very homophobic" Former policy advisor 6 May According to the US Department of State's Crime and Safety Report for Slovakia, referring to the broader community of sexual minorities, "reported incidents of violence and harassment targeting gay, lesbian and bisexual communities are rare" US 16 Jan. The Executive Director of the SNSLP stated that "[i]n general, the issue of bisexual or homosexual orientation is mostly tabooed in Roma families," noting that "the rules in Roma communities and for Roma individuals are not based only on the laws and rules of the state itself" but that "family, private and societal life is The same source stated that.

Serum selenium levels in Slovak population

Analysis of the Slovak Discourses of Sex Education Inspired by Michel Foucault

There is a growing trend in Europe and beyond towards granting same-sex couples legal recognition for their relationships, which confers certain specific protections. Today, 47 countries in the world, 27 of which are in the Council of Europe, provide some form of legal recognition for same-sex couples. Emotions often run high around this issue. In , joyful crowds waved rainbow flags at Dublin Castle in Ireland to celebrate the dramatic victory of the yes-vote for same-sex marriage. Before that, in , demonstrations and counter-demonstrations polarised French society during parliamentary debates on same-sex marriage. Many Council of Europe member states still do not provide any form of legal recognition for same-sex couples at all — with significant negative consequences for the persons concerned and their loved ones.

Recognition of same-sex unions in Slovakia

While Slovakia has discussed the rights and safety of women in general, one researcher decided to look specifically at women in the media, who are most often the ones standing on the side of victims of sexual harassment and violence. And many, especially older and more experienced reporters, simply tolerate it. I told him I do not want that. He responded by asking me why I was so sensitive.
A referendum on banning same-sex marriage was held in Slovakia on 7 February In June , the Slovakia National Council amended the country's constitution to specifically deny same sex couples the legal protections associated with marriage. The referendum was initiated after the conservative church backed group Alliance for Family gathered , signatures calling for a vote on the law. Voters were asked questions on three issues: [10].