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SHQ welcomes people of all ages, cultures, genders, beliefs, identities, abilities and sexualities. Read our Diversity position statement. We also have an STI Drop-in clinic for people without symptoms. Click here for more information about the drop-in service.

14 Embarrassing Sex Questions – Answered!

Discussing Sexual Health with Your Patients | Screening for HIV | Clinicians | HIV/AIDS | CDC

Do you have a sexual health question? Ask away! This service is completely confidential. No records are kept of who has asked a question. There is an option to let us know your age and location to help us better answer the question for you. All questions are answered by a qualified health professional, however if you have symptoms or a medical problem you need to consult a doctor as we cannot provide an online diagnosis. Ask a Question is not an emergency service and it may take up to two weeks to receive a response.

Frequently Asked Questions

Jump to content. Latest Vaccine Availability and Distribution Information. Frequently Asked Questions about Sexual Health. What causes sexual difficulties? Sexual difficulties may be life-long or may begin in response to certain life events such as an illness, medical treatment, or change in a relationship.
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