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Getting naked with strangers was less memorable than I expected. The now-annual event started in Anyone who know me knows I love naked. I had zero qualms about shedding my sarong and plunging into the Indian Ocean.

Naturists attempt world naked rollercoaster record

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Sleeping, reading, household chores and driving immediately come to mind as fitting into the naked friendly category. Of course, these day to day naked activities happen mostly in the realm of the private, often without the knowledge of neighbors, friends and co-workers. On the one hand, Western culture has long celebrated the human form as a subject of beauty. Starting with the Greeks, much of western art continues to celebrate the human body in sculpture and art. Nudity was also an integral part of the original Olympic Games. On the other hand, attitudes regarding public nudity often change, depending on time and circumstance. Currently many areas of the Western world, including the United States, Europe and Australia tolerate, if not celebrate group expressions of public nudity.

Thousands of nudists skinny-dipped at nearly locations across North America last Saturday, July 11, at 3 p. Before and after the event, articles appeared online and in print in various media venues throughout the country. You can read some of them here:.
T he world record for the largest simultaneous skinny-dip has apparently been set in Perth, Australia, by participants. The event appears to have surpassed the previous record of set in Gisborne, New Zealand, in , according to Perth Now. Guinness World Records still has to confirm the new feat, however.